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Long ago I have been waged away by an allusion of strange  interesting calling of television, it lured me into its adventure, by it eye catching programmes and promised not to let me bored, it took me through some imaginary land and explicit experience, it promise to make me stay in touch with happenings and contemporaries in everyday life, coming to me all days with fixtures and stream of unmissable events, live programs and rebroadcast shows, cartoons, dramas, soup operas, music videos, late hour movies and lot more, indeed it is my loyal companion, I  can’t  let go of it in a second.

Living the first decade of my life with this hypocrite, delusive friend, it almost taking me to its crux by taking my precious night sleep through it alluring late hour movies and all night long programs, it made me a devotee prayer warrior to God, just for the PHCN not to interrupt the power supply, and  if the power supply is eventually interrupted, I would felt loss in heart and down casted, even to the extent of loosing focus as if someone so dearing as just passed on, I hardly checked on my school notes let alone read the text books or a novel, I believed all I have to learn in life come from television, not knowing all its promises are nothing but deception, I was a victim of television.

In my mid teen age, I met I friend, sitting in solitude and felt rejected, looking bored and yet smiling, displaying many beautiful and colorful pictures with every of them an explanation and comment, everyone pass by this friend and no one seem to say “Hi”, what a paradox! even when this good friend by chance get beside the Television, the television would be turned on and this friend will be taken away, sometimes locked in a confined show glass house, that this friend will be looking at us while watching the television and giggles.

For days I kept observing the condition of this friend, then I move closer, with just five minute with my new friend, I felt bored and left, yet I can’t still hold back neglecting my new friend in solitude, I decided to revisit my friend, but this time, this friend held me spellbound, as it took me beyond where television had took me to in last sixteen years, it taught me the cronical of life and the adventure of fictions, it shows me the drama of age in act and scenes without a siege, it introduced me to acient giants, dead and alive and finally took me to the high table to dine with the warriors and champions of victorious lands of our time, which would took me years if and only if I will be lucky enough to meet them on television. The most wonderful of all was that, anytime I engaged in rap with my pears discussing a fascinating drama or fiction, it always happens that I would have more full explanation than they do, despite that I do not watch it from television rather it was narrated to me by my new friend. No sooner that I became king among my pears than I began to gain the respect of both young and elders,

Now I covered my television, left it alone on it sit and rearrange my new friend house and bring more of my friend kind home every week latest every month, whenever it is necessary for me to visit television once in a while, I will say “sorry television I’ve found I true friend”

Guess who my true friend is…………. The B.O.O.K!