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Have you also been deluded that, what to read should be centered on your course of study, or are you a victim of anguish and fatigue whenever your try to read or you are the type that don’t find any thing reading fascinating…… here is your cure!

Books are our greatest companion, our window to see the world, books are the temple at which we learn all the great skills of martial art, to combat difficulties and also the beautiful garden, where we get the hope of getting to the crux of our joy..
reading for a career is essential, it prepare us for the life of professionalism and equiped us for the adequate skills to keep at poise on such profession. for instance a student of electrical engineering will learn all sort of technical skills of house wiring, power distribution and electrical circuitary, through the theory of physics in the language of mathematics, but that doesn’t make him to be literary upright or conflict solving expert,he might also be a victim of emotional inbalance and lack of leardership skills. All this can never be learn in books of electrical engineering.
reading varieties of books differ from your course of study get you out of the status quo, it gives you edge over others, because in books you will speak with the far away great minds, dine with the dead legends and as such, they would have poured their mind into yours and you will become a being, with multiple loaded of wisdom and knowledge..
other challenge you may have is finding reading a boring exercise, no reading never bored, if you said it is that means you are doing it wrong, because it’s a mental exercise, and an adventure you will never want to see it end.. it is a truth that everybody love to read but little people does, this is because people thought they get no time to sacrifise their energy on reading. To become an avid reader just follow this step
1. visit book store once in a week or at least twice in a month, even if you won’t buy any.
2. try to read the back cover of the book you choose to read.. you will have idea about the book and the author
3. take book all along, Imageit heaviness will propell you to read it so that you can drop it.
4.try to know what book your friends are reading or have read,you will want to meet up with them.
5.never be at ease to yourself not to have learn something new a day, that will prompt you to read at lease headline of newspapers.

Incase you know other tips which you think should be included or you find these tips helpful to you… please let have your comment in the box…
keep reading to unleash your potential..


Welcome to my world, I'm Yusuf Lekan Olanrwaju, the curator of TheBookFetch, i'm a literary enthusiast, a Poet, a book promoter. I am currently finishing up Physics major degree at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, and i graduated summa cum launde in Physics/Electronics from the prestigious Kwara State Polytechnic Ilorin, formerly Kwara College of Technology Ilorin. If you ever asked yourself: “How can I become an avid reader?” “How can I learn and use blogging to achieve my writing dreams?” “How can I become a published author?” “How can I book reading engagement with my audience?” “How can I have an inspiring book shelf “How can I discover my true self and boost my confidence?” … you’re in the RIGHT place! Here is where I train people on how to find solace by reading books, help writers reach their audience, share my story of failure and frustration, help you with writing contests and tips to win them. Would you like connect with me? then follow me on twitter, google+, LinkedIn or facebook.


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