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Books are not furniture but they make an hilarious beautification of our home with a gorgeous appearance when succinctly arranged, the capriccio of books cover and font of books tittles makes them look more decorative on the book shelf, having your book shelf displayed in corners of your room will not only make your room look beautiful but will always lure you to take a book from the shelf and read.Image

Books should not be haphazardly arranged in your book shelf or displayed irregularly on your table, rather they should be set in orderly styles that will make the book shelf attractive. The nonparallel beautification of your room with bookshelf rather than port-rates and several light fitting, lies in the manner of arrangement, books can be arranged in modular by setting their back outwardly,and placing some vertically side by side while others horizontally laid over one another.

The bookshelf can also be succinctly made in section by section with an address or tag on the shelf describing each section, that is, from motivational book, sciences, history, religion, literature, managements and contemporaries. This will help in easy location when looking for a book on a particular topic and save time of searching section by section before finding your desired book to read.

A well arranged bookshelf will not only make our room adorable but also make it un tumultuous and a place to refresh the brain and appreciate the work of art.


Welcome to my world, I'm Yusuf Lekan Olanrwaju, the curator of TheBookFetch, i'm a literary enthusiast, a Poet, a book promoter. I am currently finishing up Physics major degree at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, and i graduated summa cum launde in Physics/Electronics from the prestigious Kwara State Polytechnic Ilorin, formerly Kwara College of Technology Ilorin. If you ever asked yourself: “How can I become an avid reader?” “How can I learn and use blogging to achieve my writing dreams?” “How can I become a published author?” “How can I book reading engagement with my audience?” “How can I have an inspiring book shelf “How can I discover my true self and boost my confidence?” … you’re in the RIGHT place! Here is where I train people on how to find solace by reading books, help writers reach their audience, share my story of failure and frustration, help you with writing contests and tips to win them. Would you like connect with me? then follow me on twitter, google+, LinkedIn or facebook.

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  1. Reading help add a whole lots 2 ur life….Get informed by reading always only then u would nt b cast sided in life cus life itself seems DYNAMIC!



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