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Imagine walking along the maze with friends and sharing opinion on an upcoming event that you would love to see, suddenly your friends walked faster than you do, without any conciousness you will walk up to meet up with them,because you can’t afford missing a bit of the discussion,but if you decided to stay behind,you will not get the full information about the event.
Same is applicable to reading,for better understanding of what you read you need some reading group, more enthusiasm for reading is found in a reading club, you will be challenged to read more by friends,you won’t what to be their perpetual audience, you will love to have them as your audience too. An avid reader is the cheif speaker of a reading club.
An avid readers don’t just know everything about something they also know something about everything,readers rule the game,  let have your comment belowImage


Welcome to my world, I'm Yusuf Lekan Olanrwaju, the curator of TheBookFetch, i'm a literary enthusiast, a Poet, a book promoter. I am currently finishing up Physics major degree at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, and i graduated summa cum launde in Physics/Electronics from the prestigious Kwara State Polytechnic Ilorin, formerly Kwara College of Technology Ilorin. If you ever asked yourself: “How can I become an avid reader?” “How can I learn and use blogging to achieve my writing dreams?” “How can I become a published author?” “How can I book reading engagement with my audience?” “How can I have an inspiring book shelf “How can I discover my true self and boost my confidence?” … you’re in the RIGHT place! Here is where I train people on how to find solace by reading books, help writers reach their audience, share my story of failure and frustration, help you with writing contests and tips to win them. Would you like connect with me? then follow me on twitter, google+, LinkedIn or facebook.


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