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The missing waist bead of the princess


OBA                                                     the king of Omisore Village

OTUNBA                                              chief

OSI                                                       chief

IYALODE                                              chief(Mrs)

IYA AWERO                                         elder

LALUDE                                               elder

ONIGBINDE                                         Jumobi’s Father

OSUNTOHUN                                      the princess

DEMURIN                                            ARIKE’s Father

BALOGUN                                            elder

LAGELU                                               elder

GBENRO                                              Goke’s father

DERONKE                                            Lalude’s daughter

GOKE                                                   Gbenro’s son

TABITI                                                  A hunter from Ibara village

KAKAKI                                     The town crier.

ARIKE                                                   Demurin’s older daughter

JUMOKE                                              Demurin’s younger daughter

MAMA ARIKE                                      Demurin’s wive.


 Act 1 Scene 1

Narrator: it is a sunny afternoon in the village of Omisore, branches of trees waving the area via the wind direction, solo sound of birds under the tree shade, gives the farm environ a fine rhythm, this time at which the sun is at its horizon, only a thousand ridges ebullient hallowing farmers are still immensely at work, an average  farmer and women are surely at rest, or packing the take home of their harvest of the day, Arike and Jumoke are under a tree shade loading their basket with their harvested maize to take home.

ARIKE : We are so blessed with moderate weather this season, unlike the previous years that our farm products  were destroyed by incessant rain, these corns are so big and wide spread over the ridges

JUMOKE:  Yes Arike, we really have to thank God as this year Ikore festival will be overblown by native of omisore and the people of the neighbouring  town, as they will all want to withness the princess dance, has she hook up with prince of oniru kingdom.

ARIKE: Thai! That’s in the old kingdom of our town omisore, as for me, I shall not be at the palace on that cursed day, only if our ancestor will let our princes live to see the day! She wouldn’t even pray herself to live for ignoble day.

JUMOKE: What! Ignoble day?

ARIKE: Have you not heard?

JUMOKE: That what, Arike?

Narrator: Arike looking suspicious and stand on her toes to look further for any stranger that might be coming around, she wouldn’t  want no one to hear her.

JUMOKE: let me hear you

ARIKE:  Why are you inquisitive of what is all over the town, she whispered… The princess waist bead was found at the Jumobi’s cottage

JUMOKE: Taboo! Surprisingly

Act 1 Scene 2

Narrator: Sound of footsteps and exchange of pleasantry feel the air, eku ise o. e ma yawo o, thanks, we shall catch up with you at home. That was the voices of Lagelu and and Jumobi’s father exchanging greeting, lagelu is on his way back from his farm land while Jumobi’s father ,Onigbinde is under the palm tree cutting cassava.

ARIKE: that is papa Lagelu coming towards our way, he is an acquaintance of papa onigbide, yet he doesn’t know about this issue.

JUMOKE:  how come you know about it?

Narrator: Arike eagerly drag Jumoke toward herself, turned her back as she turn back simultaneously and say greeting to papa Lagelu. Good afternoon sir, they both said in chorus on their kneel

LAGELU: afternoon my daughters, how is the harvest? Hope the sun is not too Ash on you girls,

ARIKE and JUMOKE:  In chorus… Fine sir, we almost done.

LAGELU: where is your parent?

ARIKE: Father went to tap palm wine for the Elders meeting tomorrow, and Mama is on the cola nut farm over the Igara hill.

LAGELU: Alright, Say my greeting to them when you get home and tell your father that, the ewe has go back to its nestle.

JUMOKE: but sir, the birds always go back to their Nestle after eating on the tree.

LAGELU: No my daughter, when you get home just tell your father as I said, he will understand.

ARIKE and JUMOKE: Alright! Goodbye sir, they both look one another in surprise as they reply papa lagelu in chorus.

JUMOKE: wispered, hope papa lagelu is not leaving Omisore, or what does he mean by his word?

ARIKE: Haba! Jumoke, stop meddling into what is not of your concern.

JUMOKE: I’m not doing but….

ARIKE: caught her short! But what? You better fill up your maize basket and let leave for home, mama would have started the yam peeling before we might have gotten home.

JUMOKE: Hmmmm! Alright.

Act 1 Scene 3

Narrator: ARIKE and JUMOKE picked up their maize basket and head back home, bidding everyone still on the farm Weldon and goodbye, as they pass by the farm alley. None of them raise a conversation till they get home. JUMOKE still wonder about LAGELU’s word.

Ekule oooo! …………


That is ARIKE and JUMOKES’s voices exchanging greetings with their parent

MAMA ARIKE: Welcome my daughters, how was the harvest? I can see it is hectic, go in and have your bath, the yam is almost ready to be pound.

ARIKE: are you serious mama? You’ve pilled it all!

MAMA ARIKE: Yes my daughter, what must I be doing if not this, since I did not go to the farm again, I know you girls would have been exusted, I can’t keep the yams for you to start pilling again.

JUMOKE:  Wow!  As if you know we are already tired mama, thanks for that, you are so wonderful mama.

ARIKE: Is papa at home?

MAMA ARIKE : Yes , papa is at the courtyard filtering the tapped palm wine,

JUMOKE: Mama, we saw Pa Lagelu, He said we should tell papa that “the ewe has gone back to it nestle”

 ARIKE: interruptedly, don’t mind her mama, she like knowing everything and meddle into what is out her concern, pa lagelu is just being indifference. He told us to only tell papa.

MAMA ARIKE: hmmmmm, go to your father and say to him what pa lagelu have send you with.

SOLILOQUIE… does it mean this is how the elders of omisore will be leave this land one after the other, to behead is never the cure for headache, what as happened as happen, they should just wait and find a way out, Otuba had left two night ago, seven moon Ago was the disappearance of Balogun, now it is pa lagelu, in what state did this elders want to leave the king of our kingdom…

Narrator: things are no more in order in the village of omisore, elders are leaving due to the fear of wrath from their ancestors. The king is not ready to abide with the village law, while the elders are afraid of the consequence of the taboo broken by the princess.

PAPA ARIKE: The Alale of Omisore oo, where will be the end of our princess. Lagelu has now leave us to bear the brunt all alone, now I am convinced he saw the princess with jumobi at the courtyard making love.

Act 2 Scene 4

Narrator: Papa Arike said all these, immediately Arike conveyed lagelu’s message to him.

ARIKE: Papa does pa lagelu truly saw them? And why didn’t he had come with the bead, as evidence.

PAPA ARIKE: placing his hand on the shoulder of Arike and said, my daughter, it is only on the poor that the law can easily be enforced but for the rich it can be mend. The truth will always prevail.

JUMOKE: Hmmmmm, the law breaker shall never go unpunished.

PAPA  JUMOKE: Go in my children and join your mother in serving the food.

ARIKE and JUMOKE: Alright, Yes papa.

 Act 2 Scene 5

Narrator: it is a new down at (PAPA ARIKE) DEMURIN’s compound , everything is set for the monthly elders meeting, the girls are in gorgeous dress, the prominent chiefs of Omisore are all on sit, waiting the commencement of the meeting, all elders but Lagelu, lalude, akogun,otunba and bologun are in present.

IYALODE: After the opening prayer and seeking of our ancestor protégé, it so dishearten that we are no more adding value, neither are we making up in number, rather we are less and full of dismal and despair on the issue of the princess missing waist bead. I knew, lagelu had left last night and lalude did early hour of today, who is next is what we don’t know, sugbon o, oninu lo monu, onikun lo moka.

IYA AWERO: she stand up and go against iyalode, why won’t we leave, it is not a secret that fornication is a taboo in our village, and many that has been caught  in the act were duly dealt with, while will that of the princess be exceptional.

DEMURIN: Haba! Iya Awero, abga kin wa loja ki ori omotun tun wo, it is true that lagelu caught jumobi and the princess at the courtyard but he has no evidence of that but, only if we could get the person that found the waist bead, we will be rest assured that they both really fornicate.

GBENRO: stand up and interrupt Demurin. Haaaa! The elders of Omisore, are we now saying the princess did not commit what she was alleged of. My son GOKE was sent to exile, even before the truth was established that he fornicated with Deronke, the daughter of Lalude. Both the fornicators were cursed at the market square, now it was that of the law enforcer, the law now holds no more, hhmmm. Abenilori kofe ki amu ida koja lori oun.

OSI: enough! Enough!! Enough!!! Is this what we are here for?  I think elders meeting is based on the discussion pertaining to the progress of the village, not on the issues like this.

IYA AWERO: Awitan eni  teni begi loju igi aruwe. Is this not among the issues that will make the village be peaceful, abi progress can come without peace.

DEMURIN:  I think at this junction, it is high time we all go to the palace and tender our grievances.

OSI: I think this is a good suggestion from Demurin.

Act 2 Scene 6

Narrator: They all leave for the palace, upon their entrance the town crier raised voice of eulogy, eulogizing the king of omisore, and informing him of the arriver of the village chiefs and elders. The palace messenger went in to inform the king of his visitors and come back into the palace to tell the council of elders that the king will be with them soon.

THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS: Greeting the king “kaaabiesi oooo” in chorus.

OBA: You may rise up, the pundit elders of omisore.

OSI: ka biesi, we are aware of the rumor going on in this village and the withdrawer of some elders from the case has is involve the lion and the tiger. Without perambulating my king, I know you’ve already understand my point, but to be précis, we are from the monthly meeting of the omisore elders, our initial plan was to discus on the preparation of the forthcoming Ikore festival and other activities of that day, but after the opening prayer and the seeking protégé from the ancestors, the air was just filled with noise from every member that ….hmmm….

OBA: while the pause OSI? That what.

OSI: ehn. They said, lagelu left last night and Lalude also leave this morning.

OBA: On what bases, who send them packing?

DEMURIN: ka biesi o, no one send them packing but they were afraid of the consequence of breaking the law of our ancestor, that the culprits should go unpunished.

OBA: I now get where you people are going, Do any one of you  have any evidence what so ever that she truly commit what you people alleged her of. Even Lagelu that claimed he saw them making love has no prove. My daughter is free of your entire allegation and I know any one that eventually comes with her waist bead must have duplicated it.

IYA AWERO: ka biesi, we are not alleging our princess of the crime but we all know the consequences of breaking the law of our ancestor. Seven days after the right judgment is over ruled, calamity will not only befall the offender but the entire council of chief who are involved in over ruling the law.

OBA: Iya awero, so you have the gut to remind me of the laws of Omisore’s kingdom.

KAKAKI: ka abi esi o.

OBA: what happen Kakaki oba.

KAKAKI: a man called Tabiti is at the palace gate, he said he has an important message for you.

OBA: let him in.

KAKAKI: as your majesty wishes.

TABITI: ka abiesi o

OBA: young man, you are welcome, please what can I do for  you.

TABITI: I have information for you sir and I don’t know if you wish I say it here at the present of your chief.

OBA:  Why not, go on young man, they are my confidant, even if we have misunderstanding at present.

TABITI: I am a native of Ibara village, a hunter, after several kilometer walk while hunting; I do rest under the tree or on the mango tree before I continue my hunt. But on this faithful day, I was having my rest on a mango tree at the far back of omisore village, I saw a elderly man behind a palm tree pepping to see what two young teenagers, a male and female were doing, true they both were making love but this elderly man does not stop them until they were deep in the act, suddenly this man shouted and as this teenagers try to dress up and ran away, the waist bead of the female got cut. They ran away and this man ran after them.  Ka abiesi, after which I came down from the mango tree this is what I found, the princess waist bead.

THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS: Haaaa!!!!!!! Eeeewoo.

Narrator: the king collapse, and he was taken to the physician, proper judgment was established upon the princess and jumobi.  They both were sent to exile and banished from omisore village.

                                                                                                                         THE END…………..


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