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The Jambula Tree and Other Stories, Caine Prize Winner 2009.


Pages: 229

The Caine Prize for African Writing is Africa’s leading literary prize, and is awarded to a short story by an African writer published in English, whether in Africa or elsewhere. Each year the winning story and shortlisted entries are collected and published in one volume.

The 8th winner is Monica Arac de Nyeko from Uganda forJambula Tree. Chair of Judges, Jamal Mahjoub from Sudan, described her story as “a witty and touching portrait of a community which is affected forever by a love which blossoms between two adolescents”.

This love affair is an “earthquake which shakes the moral foundations”, as described by Boyd Tonkin, “because the shocking couple are two girls, who love without shame. I hardly need explain that this theme means that Arac de Nyeko has herself crossed a line that, these days, runs deeper in Kampala than in Kensington.”

Extra and exclusive! Includes the 2008 shortlist – the winner of which will be announced in Oxford in mid-July. All the stories are available to read here – use the links under the cover image.

The book of Africa’s leading literary award. The Caine Prize is rapidly gaining attention worldwide

Showcases young writers who go on to publish successful novels

Includes over 20 short stories from across the continent and beyond


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