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Americanah Goes On Silver Screen

Sometime last month, it goes on in the news that the Nigeria Film and Censor Board do not give permit for the release of the film adapted from the Award winning book of our beautiful Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun, the film which feature stars Chiwetel Ejiofor and Thandie Newton. It was with great effort and audacious move for the producer to finally get the film premier in the United State. Half Of a Yellow Sun which is one of the 36 Books becoming movies in 2014 is now playing in theaters outside Nigeria. Today, her best-selling novel Americanah has joined the list of books to be bringing to silver screen. As it is officially revealed by the author herself at Stylist Magazine’s Stylist Book Club, that the Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has optioned the film rights for Adichie’s Americanah, as it is beautifully stated “Lupita Nyong’o has optioned rights for the film version of Americanah, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche confirms” #stylistbookclub.

Americanah is a love story that centers on young man and woman from Nigeria who face difficult choices and challenges in the countries they come to call home. The book was selected as one of the 10 Best Books of 2013 by the editors of the New York Times Book Review and won the 2013 National Book Critics Circle Award (Fiction).

Americanah will be Adichie’s second book adapted for the silver screen. Nigerians are very proud of our own daughter who has made our nation proud and placed Nigeria in the league of intellectually resource nation such as Achebe, Soyinka, P.N Okeke and others have done. God Bless Chimamanda, God Bless Nigeria…

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