Hi, my name is Yusuf Olanrewaju Olalekan Saheed. and I’m a poet, book promoter among others.


Welcome to my blog.

I love compelling stories, breath taken stories of course and sensational poetry. I’ve been books lover for most of my life but recently started calling myself books promoter.

I started this blog 2013 with some burning questions.

How does books influence our life?

What does it really takes to be an avid reader?

How does one chase a passion without affecting ones reading life?

What I found in this search was a community of like-minds,  individuals that read and wanting their voice to be heard.

Here is where we wage war on our reading slump, where we come together to unscramble the clumsy literature of life and find purpose in our art and living.

If you have a passion for creativity and changing the world, this blog is for you

I usually publish two to three times a week and always ready to serve my readers. If you don’t want to miss anything on this blog, sign up for free updates by entering your email below.

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