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Book Gives us a Place to go

Today, we live in a boring world. Everyone seems to be busy at one thing or the other than sparing their time to hear our story, and we wallow in derelict ululation of having no place to go or no one to share our pain with. So, what are we to do?
Are we to sit still and watch the day creeping away? Or slam the door of fear and seek asylum in whatever can keep us busy?

Of course, we have the choice to choose which the way to escape from solitude. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this but there’s always one right choice.
Recently, I read a comment of Charles Regina on how she find solace in the books, she had been diagnosed with brain tumor. She had no choice than to watch her pain creep away with the day while she sit still awaiting the appointed day of surgery, she had no hope of making something out of life.
She thought of what to spend her remaining days doing, she asked her mum to get her a book from a local book store, fortunately her mum got her “Think Big” by Ben Carson, she read about patients with her similar pain, how they survive the surgery and stay some years more alive, she kept the faith and pray hard for God mercy, she had the surgery, now she’s fine and she go places to share her testimony.
The same is true for you, you’re not alone, you have people who had faced the like of your challenges and triumph, they already had written for you the methods they tried that work and those that didn’t work, their words though hung on the shelf waiting for you to pick them up and get solution, “reading takes us to places while we remain where we are”. You can be the next Charles Regina if you also could slam the door of fear to pick up a book and read, soon you would realize you’re not alone there is a community of your kind who you need to be aware of.
When I decided to read books, I know I won’t be able to continue to read all the time or afford to buy some books I’d love to read, so I sought out people that were avid reader and smarter than me, and I learn and exchange books with them.
This is how we grow and go places by reading and surrounding ourselves with people who are avid reader, wiser and more experience than we are.
So to help you share your own story and go places by reading, I have rounded up some avid reader and smart people who I know offers helpful book discussion and advice on how to get books that will take you to places and come out to give testimony of your journey to success and happiness.
Send an SMS to show your interest to join ReadLite book club on whatsapp, send your name and your occupation to 07064326665.
Once you have hear this story, you can’t un-hear it. You’ll be responsible for what you do and what come next, you just have to take good choice action.

What’s you biggest challenge taking a book to read. Share in the comment.