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My Library Story

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I have never known a place where one could meet with the distance,the dead and the living other than in library, I can’t imagine myself in yet another world wine and dine with those that have lived long years before I was born and engage in conversation with those I can’t accidentally met on the road, the Library have been a home away from home for me, and the Liberian have seen me since my first visit as another adopted child, some places may be obnoxious to me but not even an old library.


I got more entertained with the way the book shelves were arranged in the library and more particularly kind of rainbow color of readers and the silence culture therein; library has always promise silence but not a snarl one like in the graveyard. I have ever seen anyone who frets in the library, everyone feel relaxed even among the workers there has never been a fidgety situation.

My walking in-between the book shelves is an exercise more likely and hyperfine walk as I imagine it. It does two things for me,

  1. It prepared me for the reading adventure
  2. It engaged me in practicing decision making. i.e sometime I stumble on a particular book I have long in search for or a new book of my favorite author(s) though have a particular tittle in mind to read for the day, then I quickly decide which to read at the spot.

My library card is another source of inspiration and happiness, every time I starred at it I feel some kind of tranquility from within, you know that feeling? I feel like I’m having the only key to the world or only password to the world database. My library card is so endearing, it comes in the shape and size of an ATM card, I could forget my ATM card at home but never my library card, my name is neatly written on it and my passport is placed at the wright corner smiling at everyone who takes a look, with it I could be so many places and experience what happens in another world than that explained by C.S Lewis in the chronicle of Nania.

My experience in different library are always the same that make me to think as if libraries are the paradise preached in the scriptures, it contain all sort of mind blowing and heart loving things, but not all could be seen with naked eyes only those who can hear the air sing could see it all.

My university library has an hypaethral where I could sit and look into the sky and start imagine what happen in the book I just read and the same time digesting the lesson therein. My joy comes twice in a year, first is every time I renew my library card and second is every time I am aware of newly acquired books in the library.

Over to you, what is you library story, have you ever visited a library let have you comment.